Aluminium Tubes

Aluminium Tubes

With more than 600 million kilograms of garbage and plastic dumped yearly in our beautiful ocean some of us have started to think of ways to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced. But are these replacements really working and how will they affect us in the long run?

Aluminium Tubes

One of these plastic tube replacements that have gone viral are aluminium tubes. These do not only protect the product inside better than a regular plastic tube but potentially can be environmentally friendlier than regular plastic tubes if recycled correctly.

Aluminium Tubes Recycling Process

If the aluminium tubes are disposed of correctly and accepted by the recycling facility they are very recyclable friendly. When recycling the aluminium is separated from other materials, cleaned and molten, which strips away any ink or coatings that may be on the aluminium. Once molten the aluminium is made into ingots they are used again in making the same quality product it was before.

But how recyclable friendly are Aluminium Tubes in Australia?

More often than most want to admit, the aluminium tubes do not get properly recycled even if they are sent to a recycling facility. As most tubes are thrown out with the plastic caps still attached which then will not be accepted by the recycling facility. So in order to make this product truly environmentally friendly, the companies supplying their customers with aluminium skincare packaging will need to educate their customers about how to properly recycle their aluminium skincare packaging.

Not only is it possible that they won’t get recycled, but they also weigh a lot more during transport which might take more packaging to protect the tube and all this weight during transport also adds to the carbon footprint.

Aluminium Tubes as a Small or Start-up Business at My Skincare Manufacturer

The look, feel and the environmentally friendly factor of aluminium packaging can be a real show stopper in the overflowing skincare market but will they work for you? If you would like to know more contact us.