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What is After Tattoo Care and why you should use it

Whenever you put permanent artwork on your skin, you obviously want it to look the very best it possibly can. That’s why applying a high-quality after tattoo product is crucial to the long-term vibrancy and clarity of your tattoo over years and decades.

After being inked, the skin immediately begins a repair process after the needle has done its work on the top layers of your skin. The aftercare of your tattoo is essential to preventing infection and keeping the ink in its place while assisting the post-healing process so that your tattoo stays beautiful and clean.

Our after tattoo is formulated with premium-grade, 100%-organic components to naturally preserve your tattoo’s shine and vitality. Typically, after your tattoo is finished and healed, you’ll want to start applying after tattoo care daily.

“Tattoos… are the stories in your heart, written on your skin.” Charles De Lint

After Tattoo ingredients

After tattoo products serve two purposes – to keep the tattoo clean and to speed the recovery of your skin post-tattoo. Both of these are extremely important. These are achieved with all-natural anti-microbial and moisturizing ingredients to soothe and protect your tattooed skin.

We never use dangerous chemicals or synthetic agents prevalent in many other tattoo care products which can jeopardize both your health and the vitality of your tattoo. The products we manufacture are great for your skin and great for your tattoo.

How to use After Tattoo Care

It is important to apply after tattoo to your skin regularly after cleaning your tattoo. First, wash your tattoo in soap and water to remove dirt, dried skin, or ink that may harm your tattoo. After the skin is clean, gently rub after tattoo into the skin. Make sure the solution isn’t too thick so that the skin can breathe, which is incredibly important.

Repeat this activity daily, allow the ingredients to work together with your natural post-healing processes, and you can rest assured that your new tattoo will stay beautiful for years.

What After Tattoo we can create for you!

  • Using 100% guaranteed only natural and organic ingredients
  • Create a unique formula made to your needs
  • Design your aromatherapy suited to your product and client base

Our company offers skincare contract manufacturing services for high quality After Tattoo according to unique recipes. We also offer packaging, printing and design. We are a After Tattoo Manufacturer with extensive experience and capabilities.

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