Wholesale Skin Care Product Manufacturers

Project Management Software
We work with a highly transparent Project Management Software which will show
you how far your project is every step of the way, giving you control to communicate
directly to the team.
Unique Products
Our experienced formulator will help you to develop unique products that meet your exact individual requirements. For product tests and/or certifications, we are there to advise you and accompany your project.
We can offer packaging for any liquid, cream, powder or dry skin and hair care in plastic to glass to aluminium bottles, tubes,  jars, pouches or sachets.
Filling & Sealing
Our flexible packing and sealing technology allows the production of low minimum quantities. We can fill: bottles, tubes, jars, pouches and bulk buckets from 1kg to 20kg.
Skincare Manufacturing
Our production facility, with state-of-the-art technology, ensures consistent quality and sufficient production capacities on a scale of 5kg up to 200kg run.
Reliable Logistics
We can store your packaging and shipping cartons at our facility for your convenience. We cooperate with a reliable logistics company with national and international shipping methods.

Contract Manufacturing
Our turn key process is located completely onsite – formulation, manufacturing, design, printing and logistics.  All products are manufactured to our client’s individual needs and requirements.  The manufacturing process is held to strict quality control guidelines ensuring the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice is followed.
We take pride in delivering high-quality natural skin care products. We do not offer white label or private label products, all products are individualised to your needs and requirements

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Categories

We have can manufacture any hair or skin care product you can come up with,
only what nature can achieve is our limit.