Cosmetic label printing

Label printing

The use of modern technologies and methods of cosmetic labels printing
allows you to make products that are clearly visible, memorable, stand out from the
general background, which your customers will be happy to buy.

Label Printing
We offer high-quality vinyl label printing, on gloss and matte white and gloss clear sticker material. The print is waterproof and smudge-proof.
Label Cutting
Our label cutting technology allows us to cut any complex or simple shape of any size.
Direct Printing
Our direct printing service allows you to directly print on your bottles or jars. The print is extremely waterproof and smudge-proof.
We can also laminate your labels, creating a more durable surface which is resistant to essential oils and scratches.
Quality Control
Before any print job order leaves for its destination, everything is checked for its printing quality.
Low Minimum Quantity
Perfect for any start-up business, we offer very low quantity label and direct printing from a single mockup to the first manufacturing run.

Cosmetic label printing process

Using the most modern equipment for the production of cosmetics labels, we provide fast, high-quality production of cosmetic labels. We have the capabilities to create cosmetic labels of any complexity and volume: from small batches to industrial scale.

Sarah Jobst - General Manager

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