Hand Sanitiser & Disinfectant Manufacturer

Hand Sanitiser & Disinfectant Manufacturer

Natural Hand Sanitiser & Disinfectant Manufacturer from Australia

What is Hand Sanitiser & Disinfectant and why should you use it?

Sanitiser is a tool for disinfecting hands with the aim of maximum protection against pathogenic microbes: bacteria, viruses, fungal forms.

Initially, the hand sanitiser was intended for a rather narrow circle of professionals whose activities are associated with sterile conditions. These are doctors – surgeons, dentists, obstetricians and other medical personnel; researchers and production workers in the field of biology, high-precision chemistry; food industry workers. For them, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are a mandatory disinfection step after washing with soap.

“Antiseptic or sanitizer: a disinfectant that we treat our hands with. Using it is easy and simple.”

What kills the virus

Before deciding on a purchase, study the feature of the sanitiser. Open the bottle and read the label carefully. Antibacterial liquid only kills bacteria, so protection will be incomplete. Therefore, you need to choose a sanitiser with an antiseptic effect, which will cope with viruses as well.

  • The composition of such substances should contain at least 60-80% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. If it is less, then the antiseptic is not effective. But if it is more than 80%, in fact, it is pure alcohol. It will dry out the skin. Of course, it will cope with bacteria and viruses, but it is unlikely to give a pleasant feeling. This is especially true for children’s skin.
  • Emollients. Almost every sanitiser has an alcohol base. Therefore, it dries out the skin. So that the antiseptic does not have such a detrimental effect on the skin, moisturizing ingredients are added to the antibacterial agent. Agree, there is a big difference between simply wiping your hands with alcohol and spraying them with an antiseptic. Feelings on the skin are completely different. Therefore, carefully look at the composition of emollients. For example, vitamin E and aloe vera will make the skin silky. In the composition you can also find glycerin, various essential oils to soften the product.
  • Flavorings. They are not natural and can cause allergies in people with hypersensitivity, as well as irritation on the surface of the skin.

Spray or gel?

Sanitisers come in a variety of forms. Each of them has its own advantages.

There are gel sanitisers that are simply rubbed between the palms. But sprays are used the most: they are convenient to spray.

  • Spray. It is convenient because it can be sprayed everywhere and on any area. It makes it possible to disinfect not only your hands, but also any object that you are going to touch. Convenient packaging makes it easy to use to maintain hygiene and hand treatment.
  • Bottle. When using vials without a dispenser, the liquid is poured onto the hands and distributed incorrectly. And if you close the lid poorly, you can spoil the contents of your handbag.
  • Gels. Creates a light film on the hands. She may seem very annoying. But gels are well suited for work environments where spraying is inappropriate. Or you are allergic to alcohol.

What Hand Sanitiser & Disinfectant we can create for you!

  • Using 100% guaranteed only natural and organic ingredients
  • Create a unique formula made to your needs
  • Design your aromatherapy suited to your product and client base

Our company offers skincare contract manufacturing services for high quality Hand Sanitiser & Disinfectant according to unique recipes. We also offer packaging, printing and design. We are a Hand Sanitiser & Disinfectant Manufacturer with extensive experience and capabilities.

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