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Body Cream Scrub, Coffee Scrub, and Salt & Sugar Scrub

Bodyscrub is a skin care product that has become very popular recently. It is usually made of one abrasive material (sugar or sea salt) that is mixed with a massage oil and aromatic oils. The main job of a good body scrub is to hydrate and exfoliate the skin. Most of the products you can find nowadays have extra properties like helping the skin regenerate faster or regulating the pH level of the skin.

“I love making a body scrub with ground-up coffee and coconut oil. It’s really good for circulation, and it smells delicious.” Lily Aldridge

How do You Choose the Best Body Scrub for Your Skin?

Choosing the right body scrub for your skin can be a tricky job. First of all, you need to know what kind of skin you have. There are many body scrubs custom made for all types of skins. For example, if you have oily skin you might want to get a sea-salt based body scrub, while for dry skin it’s recommended to get a body scrub that’s based on sugar. For normal skin you can use a body scrub with any kind of abrasive material, depending on your preference.

Using a body scrub should be a part of your shower routine if you want to keep your skin soft and beautiful for a long time. Many body scrubs have natural ingredients that regulate the pH levels of the skin, leaving it softer and shinier.

What Body Scrub can we make for you?

We are able to formulate body scrubs suitable for all skin types. We only use natural ingredients that do not damage the skin and that are environmentally friendly. Whether you want a sea salt body scrub for a deep skin cleaning of the skin or a soft sugar body scrub, we can work in order to find the best formula for your needs.

Based on your scent preferences we have various different aromas for our body scrub products. We have a large palette of natural scented oils that can transform your shower ritual into a very pleasant experience – the citric scents, for example, are amazing if you want to energize yourself while the rose scents are highly recommended for a romantic night in.

  • Using 100% guaranteed only natural and organic ingredients
  • Create a unique formula made to your needs
  • Design your aromatherapy suited to your product and client base

Our company offers skincare contract manufacturing services for high quality Body Scrub according to unique recipes. We also offer packaging, printing and design. We are a Body Scrub Manufacturer with extensive experience and capabilities.

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