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Facial Serum

The ultimate natural face rejuvenating properties here is how and why…

What is a Serum and how is it different to a Face Oil?

Serum is the workhorse of your skincare regime. A serum is usually a water-based formula delivering a potent combination of vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and other specialised active ingredients that penetrate the skin on a deeper level due to their much smaller molecules, making them extremely effective. A serum acts as a repair product that has a multifunctional effect targeting more than one concern.  Face Oil adds hydration and nutrition.

“They’re like plastic surgery in a bottle”

How to use Face Serum and why?

As serums are like the worker bees of any skincare line, apply after cleansing and toning. Serums are usually formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients so that a few drops go a long way, gently pat into the skin of the face, neck and décolletage. You can then follow up with your facial oil and or moisturiser to seal in all the good moisture. The most common benefits include hydration, increased nourishment, brightening of the skin and acne prevention.  They also help in strengthening skin cells.

What Facial Serum we can create for you!

Our locally manufactured serums contain only the highest quality natural ingredients designed to provide the best possible outcome to protect your skin from external influences, while maintaining healthy, hydrated and radiant skin.

  • Using 100% guaranteed only natural and organic ingredients
  • Create a unique formula made to your needs
  • Design your aromatherapy suited to your product and client base