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What is Aftershave and Why do we Need it?

Aftershave is a cosmetic product used by men. Most people believe that it is only used because of the fresh smell, but there are plenty of other benefits. First of all, after shave is a very strong disinfectant that cleans the skin and kills any bacteria that might have been on the razor blade. Moreover, aftershave has tonic properties and constricts the pores.

Not using aftershave increases the risk of bacteria entering the open pores, causing acne or other unpleasant skin diseases such as infections.

100% Natural Aftershave

What Ingredients in Aftershave are Good for the Skin?

There are various types of aftershave and it is recommended that you get one that’s good for your skin. There are alcohol-based aftershaves that you can use if you have normal or greasy skin. However, recent studies have found that there are a few natural ingredients that can achieve the same results and are softer on the skin.

If you have sensitive skin, you might want to try an aftershave with a much softer base ingredient such as witch hazel plant. It is a natural pore astringent and is used in different cosmetics for both women and men.

One other benefit of using an all-natural aftershave is that with a plant-based aftershave, you will not have that painful sting that alcohol-based aftershaves leave on the skin. Another ingredient you should look for in natural aftershaves is tea tree essential oil. It is one of the strongest natural antiseptics used in cosmetics.

What Aftershave can we Create for you?

Depending on the type of your skin, we can create an all-natural formula to best fit your aftershave needs. Our experts use only organic ingredients and create custom aftershaves for all types of skin. Whether you have oily skin and need a tonic aftershave or dry skin and need an aftershave that leaves a moisturizing sensation on the skin, we can find the perfect formula for you. We also have various essential oils so you can pick your favourite aroma for your customized aftershave.

  • Using 100% guaranteed only natural and organic ingredients
  • Create a unique formula made to your needs
  • Design your aromatherapy suited to your product and client base

Our company offers skincare contract manufacturing services for high quality After Shave according to unique recipes. We also offer packaging, printing and design. We are an After Shave Manufacturer with extensive experience and capabilities.

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