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Preservative Efficacy and Stability Testing

What is it, and why is it important?

Whether you are an established brand creating a new product line or just starting on your skincare journey, one of the most important factors to consider is confirming the stability and safety of your finished product. This typically requires the daunting task of testing the Stability and Preservative Efficacy (PET) of the bulk product, which we will break-down below:

Stability Testing
There is nothing worse as a consumer than opening your favourite product to find that is doesn’t look or smell the way it should. Likewise, there is nothing worse for a business than the resulting customer complaint! Luckily, there is a way to pre-empt these issues and adjust the formulation accordingly prior to releasing it to market.

Stability Testing establishes physical and chemical specifications (pH, viscosity, aroma, colour, appearance, etc.) and the change to these criteria over time. Finished products (filled into the approved …

Mushrooms: The Magic Ingredient You Need in Your Skincare

While mushrooms are not exactly a new ingredient, they have gone under the radar in terms of their benefits and uses within skincare. This ingredient has mainly been used in holistic wellness and traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, but now it is in high demand within natural skincare and has become the focus of many products.

Here a few of the types of mushrooms commonly used in skincare today and their benefits:

REISHI: Anti-inflammatory, anti-stress & anti-ageing

Skin concern: redness, inflammation, traditional signs of ageing

Reishi is an ultra-hydrating and protective ingredient that is kind to sensitive and inflamed skin. It is an ideal match for dry/sensitive skin as well as acne prone skin.  This ingredient can restore moisture, reduce redness, fight free radicals, and can improve fine lines and wrinkles.

Used in eye serums/cream, facial mist, day/night face moisturiser

Fun Fact: Its commonly referred to as the ‘mushroom of immortality’.


TREMELLA: Ultra hydrating & rich …

Aluminium Tubes

With more than 600 million kilograms of garbage and plastic dumped yearly in our beautiful ocean some of us have started to think of ways to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced. But are these replacements really working and how will they affect us in the long run?

Aluminium Tubes

One of these plastic tube replacements that have gone viral are aluminium tubes. These do not only protect the product inside better than a regular plastic tube but potentially can be environmentally friendlier than regular plastic tubes if recycled correctly.

Aluminium Tubes Recycling Process

If the aluminium tubes are disposed of correctly and accepted by the recycling facility they are very recyclable friendly. When recycling the aluminium is separated from other materials, cleaned and molten, which strips away any ink or coatings that may be on the aluminium. Once molten the aluminium is made into ingots they are used again in making the …

Australian Made Skin Care Manufacturers

My Skincare Manufacturer manufacturers skin and hair care that is certified Australian Made.

Kirra Pty Ltd, the showcase of My Skincare Manufacturer Pty Ltd, has been Australian Made since 2009 and manufacturing since 2009 for multiple well known 100% natural and/or organic brands to this day. When working with My Skincare Manufacturer Pty Ltd, you have the opportunity to also apply for Australian Made, as My Skincare Manufacturer Pty Ltd/Kirra Pty Ltd is already registered as an Australian Made brand manufacturing only in Australia.

To register your brand as Australian Made or find out more about the benefits of using the official Australian Made logo, please visit https://australianmade.com.au/for-business/

Low Risk

Our facility based in NSW Australia is highly flexible and specializes in small runs and even mock-ups so that you have the opportunity to get in the market fast and at a low risk.

High Quality

We only create finished goods of high quality under the strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations.

How are the products made?
All of the products that leave our facility are handmade in Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia, under strict regulations to ensure the quality of the products is consistent.

Where do we source our ingredients?
We prefer working with ingredients sourced and/or produced in Australia, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, and WA.

What are some things to consider?
The colour, smell and consistency of the product may vary slightly from season to season because we only use natural ingredients and nature is an untameable beauty that we can use to our benefit. For more information see our FAQ: What are some things to consider with truly natural skin and hair care?